For many years, our specialist solicitors have advised farmers and tenants which have provided us with a thorough understanding of the issues faced by farmers and landowners.

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If you need expert legal advice or representation on a family, legal, contractual or disputed matter relating to agriculture, farm ownership or the agricultural sector at large, speak with our experienced agricultural law team. Our solicitors will provide expert knowledge, compassion and extensive legal expertise when you need it. As agricultural law specialists, we believe strongly in helping the farming sector and we have a profound understanding of farming as both a business and a family environment.

Our team consists of a number of solicitors who have gained an understanding of the agricultural sector by providing advice on different contractual, corporate and rural land and property matters and by providing advice to families and individuals involved in farming businesses.


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Agricultural disputes

Disputes can occur for a whole variety of reasons. Such disputes appear to range from machinery or equipment that does not meet the required requirements, personal matters relating to the likes of divorce, issues arising from the professional advice you might have followed, which later turns out to be short of the expected standard, or disputes relating to the selling or purchase of land.

Agricultural wills

A will is likely one of the key documents you will every sign. Whether you’re a business owner or a farmer, having the right will in place will make dealing with the farm easier for your family when you’re no longer around. Through our experience in wills, our solicitors will help you prepare for the future.

Agricultural tax & trust

Many proven tax and trust solutions involve inheritance tax planning, succession planning, asset protection, lifetime disposition of assets and tax-efficient gifts. Yet careful planning of property is not just a case of applying our legal expertise. A thoughtful, connected and long-term plan relies on our thorough knowledge of the arrangements for your family and business.

Agricultural tenancies

We will help you with the different aspects of farm tenancy issues, ranging from advice on existing agreements to the creation of new long-term farm tenancies.

Farm acquisitions and sales

Our professional farm property team will provide advice on the acquisition and sale of farms. We will advise you on preliminary issues to consider before beginning negotiations and you can discuss them with your land agent to optimise the result of the deal for you.

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