There are a number of reasons a business might wish to go through a reorganisation or restructure. Succession planning, a need to reduce costs or simply a desire to make the business more profitable or productive are a few of them.

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Whatever the reason, an employment law solicitor has a significant role to play in ensuring the employer complies with the relevant legislation and regulations and, importantly, is able to put in place and follow a procedure that achieves the aims of the business.

Getting guidance from us at an early stage will add value to the process and limit the likelihood of you running into issues with employees affected by the reorganisation or restructuring. We can use our wealth of experience to advise on the timetable for the reorganisation program and put in place a process that will achieve your goals with the minimum of fuss.

We can assist you with all of the legal aspects of a business reorganisation as well as provide you with practical and strategic guidance on how to manage your employees throughout the entire process.


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