It is always difficult when someone dies. It comes with an administrative burden, commonly known as probate, but we can handle that for you.

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The starting point is to address some fundamental questions: Do you need to apply for probate? Do you need letters of administration? We can answer these for you. Identifying the deceased’s assets and liabilities is the next step. We will then draft the relevant HM Revenue & Customs inheritance tax forms to claim all the relevant tax reliefs. We will advise you on any variations that may be required to a will to maximise any tax savings that may be available.

We will make certain that everyone entitled to inherit does so, or make investigations as to whom is so entitled. We will liaise with all of the beneficiaries and assist the executors responsible for dealing with the estate to ensure their duties are properly discharged. Once all assets have been accounted for, we will provide detailed figures to the executors and beneficiaries, so you can rest assured all matters are dealt with.


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