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Wills and Probate

Standard Will
£400 plus VAT
£600 plus VAT
Trust Will
£750 plus VAT
£1,200 plus VAT
Our service includes:
 Additional services we can offer on an hourly rate basis:
  • Taking your instructions;
  • Drafting a Will and covering letter explaining each clause;
  • Producing template letters of wishes if required;
  • Making one set of amendments to your Wills (should they be needed);
  • Producing a final engrossed version of your Will ready for you to sign. We can either post your final Will to sign at home or you can come in to the office (depending on COVID regulations).
Whilst taking your initial instructions our solicitors will discuss your personal circumstances, the assets in your estate and if an inheritance tax liability is likely to be triggered. Finally, they will discuss the provisions that you would like included in your Will.
We will tailor our advice and draft you a bespoke Will based on your individual needs.
  • A letter of advice in relation to estate planning;
  • Setting up lifetime trust

Lasting power of attorney

Additional LPAs
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPAs)
£600 plus VAT
£200 plus VAT
Additional costs
£82 registration fee for each LPA charged by the office of the public guardian
Our service includes:
Additional services we can offer:
  • Taking your instructions;
  • Advising you on preferences and instructions that can be included in your LPA(s);
  • Providing template letter of wishes where needed;
  • Drafting your LPAs and a covering letter explaining the document in detail;
  • Arranging for the LPAs to be signed by you and your attorneys and acting as your certificate provider;
  • Sending the LPAs to the Office of the Public Guardian to be registered.





  • Registering an enduring power of attorney.

Probate and Estate administration

Obtaining Grant of Probate only
Full Estate Administration
Non-taxable estate
£1,500 – £2,500 plus VAT
£3,000 – £5,000 plus VAT
Taxable estate
£2,500 – £4,500 plus VAT
£5,000 – £7,000 plus VAT
Our service includes:
Additional services we can offer:
Work in order to obtain Grant of Probate:
  • Meeting with you to discuss the deceased’s estate including explaining the Will or intestacy provisions;
  • Writing to asset holders, utility companies, HMRC, DWP, insurance providers etc to ascertain date of death values;
  • Placing statutory notices if required;
  • Once all values have been received drafting the inheritance tax account form (IHT205/IHT400);
  • Drafting the probate application form (PA1P);
  • Sending a draft of the inheritance tax account and probate application form with a covering letter explaining the documents in full for you to approve;
  • Once approved and signed, sending the IHT400 to HMRC;
  • Applying to the court for the grant of probate;
Full estate administration includes the above and the following;
  • Once the Grant is received collecting in all assets of the estate;
  • Paying any outstanding liabilities;
  • If inheritance tax was due finalising the position and informing you of any ongoing instalments which will require payment;
  • Ascertaining any income tax or capital gains tax liability and completing a tax return if necessary. Informing HMRC of the completion of the estate administration;
  • Advising you of the distribution estate;
  • Producing full estate accounts.
  • Drafting a deed of variation;
  • Selling a flat or house in the estate;
  • Advice in relation to a business in the estate.





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