Agricultural tax &
trust advice.

So how exactly do we ensure your wealth is protected for future generations? Inheritance tax planning, succession planning, asset protection, lifetime disposal of assets and tax-efficient gifts are some of the proven solutions. But careful estate planning isn’t just a case of applying our expert legal skill. A considered, connected and long-term plan relies on our thorough knowledge of your family and business arrangements.

Reducing inheritance tax and capital gains tax liability is a challenge we relish. A comprehensive review of your assets lays the foundation for the process. It may lead to a restructuring of the way your assets are held, to take advantage of the available tax exemptions and reliefs. Or we may explore options for disposing of assets and making gifts in the most tax efficient way.

In support of your strategy to reduce tax and ensure assets are protected for future generations, trusts can be a very useful tool. However, there are important questions to ask: Is a trust appropriate to my particular case? What are the tax consequences? We can advise on all of this. And, of course, we’ll take care of all the relevant documentation.