Farm acquisitions & sales.

Our experienced agricultural property team are able to advise in relation to the buying and selling of farms. We can advise you on preliminary issues to consider, before negotiations have commenced, so that you may discuss these with your land agent to maximise the outcome of the deal for you.

We will walk you through the various stages of the conveyancing process. For example, we will carry out any searches which are required and advice will be given on the results depending on whether you are buying or selling, and we will deal with any enquiries on your behalf. We can also handle the legal aspects of any funding which is needed to facilitate the purchase.

We also handle any Stamp Duty requirements which arise as a result of the transaction. You will be guided through the stages needed to secure the exchange of contracts and then through to completion.

We will then deal with any post-completion work which is needed to record the transaction at the Land Registry. We also advise on matters ancillary to a farm sale or purchase such as land which is encumbered by tenancies, rights of way and easements, the granting of overage or the discharge of any overage obligations attached to the land and the granting of any leases or tenancies.